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hours, what the nra and other gun rights groups are saying about all of this, that's when i see you next. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:17. now we're hearing secretary of state hillary clinton will testify next week at a congressional hearing about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. that's according to the head of the house foreign affairs committee. he said on january 23rd. secretary clinton will answer questions about the raid that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. she was scheduled to testify last month but could not because of an illness. >>> former senator hagel will have the to meet with the senators who will have to -- will start to meet with the senators who will have to confirm his nominations. some republicans are opposed to his nomination even though hagel is a republican. his critics accuse him of being soft on iran and weak in support for israel. his confirmation hearing before the armed services committee will take place within a few weeks. >>> 7:18. an alarming new report could raise quake concern
and that will not be an easy feat, especially with the nra prodding supporters in congress. we'll tang a look at the nra -- take a look at the nra's new ad tackling president obama's gun proposals when i see you next. >> and ktvu will bring you live coverage. he's scheduled to make that announcement at 8:55 this morning our time. ktvu will be streaming the president's remarks live at >>> it is 7:18. people in the bay area are getting hit hard by one of the worse flu seasons to date. the california pacific medical center in san francisco says it is reporting four times more patients this flu season than it has seen in the past two years. they say most of the cases are adults whereas other parts of the country are seeing cases among children. they add they still have a good supply of the flu vaccine. >>> santa rosa memorial hospital says a two-day nurses' strike did not interrupt services to patients. the nurses walked out at 5:00 a.m. a.m. monday morning and the strike ended an hour ago. the labor dispute involves working conditions and higher pay. santa rosa memorial says it contracted with re
. >>> according a -- according to a new toll, the nra is more popular in the u.s. than the entertainment industry. the poll by the "washington post" showed that 41% of americans sees the nra in a positive life as opposed to 34%. >>> gun sales are surging nationwide. some gun stores are running out of military-style assault weapons. since the current debate, many gun storeowners say their sales have more than doubled. the demand for assault weapons are so high, people say they want to buy assault weapons now in case they are banned later. >>> there is a warning about a scam involving gift cards that you can buy at grocery stores. mr. is say thieves have been -- police say thieves have been switching out bar cards on the cards. once someone guys the -- once swine buys the card and that cash goes to the thieves gift cards. so far, no one has come forward to say they've been victimized. >>> some angry san francisco apartment tenants are calling their landlord a slum lord. they say apartments on turk street not tenderloin ran up to it 1200 a month and they say the building is full of mold and there ar
in his inauguration speech. nra's executive president spoke to supporters in reno, nevada last night and took issue for president obama for saying in his speech that americans shouldn't mistake absolutism for principallism. >> ] is saying the only principal way to make -- >> the nra inalready pert -- interpreted the remarks as a represents to the strong opposition to any -- as a reaction to the strong opposition. >>> right now, a person living in san francisco can travel to the peninsula or elsewhere in the state to buy a weapon. that purchase will be recorded in that city. but there will be no official record of the gun coming into san francisco. there are other loopholes as well. >>> today, north bay congressman mike thompson will head up a hearing on gun violence prevention. he's a hunter and gun owner and believes the second amendment should be protected. but he says there's room for changes in gun policies to reduce gun violence. he says that requires background checks for all purchases. he supports strictly penalties for people who buy them illegally for them who can't get them
gets under just 90 çminutes from now. eet with çthe nra and çother gun owners çrights% groups. what lobbyists are saying this jj @&c ktvu channel 2news. >> ñgun owners around the u! country are buying mqrge amounts of ÷úammunition now fearing limits are çgoing to b imposed ças part of the push fm more gun control. a spike @<in the sale of ÷ú ammunition has ÷údelayed police training çexercises in some ñis a shortage çof bullets for them. p]lice are now çbhaving to seaç local shops because ÷úthe facto supplie2&'ñall sold çout. >> çcalifornia state zvteache pension fund çplans to u!withd money invested ÷úin companies that çmake guns and pammunitio magazine that are çillegal in i vqáuq)day in a g#public meeti teachers said they çdon't want their çpension money invested companies like the q%freedom uroup that makes çthe rifle usç in the çconnecticut school shooting. the çcalifornia çstate teacheç start u!divesting. >>> berkeley school distrikt! will hire people çto relook u! safety ÷úprocedures at all 20 schools htin the district af
area congressman said an attack ad released by the nra is dangerous. >>> a lawyer in san jose drafted an ordinance and presented it at a city council committee meeting yesterday. it calls for anyone in san jose who wants to own an assault weapon to be required to pass a mental health check and then turn the weapon over to police for safekeeping. if the owners want to check out the weapons, they would have to say. chuck reed says he's not sure it's a good idea for cities to make their own gun laws with the president taking it up on the national level. >>> some of the best companies 0 to work -- companies to work for are right here in the bay area. janine de la vega joins us with more and will tell us were with google starts the list. >> reporter: good morning. many will likely feel a sense of pride that their company is ranking high. perks like using free bicycles like this, also helps and that's just the beginning. now, the search engine giant offers employees free massages, free food and access to the three new wellness centers and seven acres for the complex. there are benefits r to
regarding gun control. he's meeting with the nra tomorrow. as kyla campbell reports, not everyone accepted an invitation to the meeting. >> reporter: walmart officials said they would not be in attendance. we got word just in that walmart officials have changed their mind and they will be coming to washington, d.c. this week to be talking with vice president joe biden. other groups that have been blamed for encouraging gun use are also in washington this week. the nra and other gun owners' groups are meeting with joe biden tomorrow. and the video game and entertainment industries are sending representatives. joe biden's series of meetings dick off with gun safety -- kick off with gun safety meetths -- meetings. some say the last month attack in connecticut has been paramount about this. >> we're still getting phone calls off the hook and still having conversations with new people on capitol hill. i'm saying this is very encouraging. >> reporter: the president wants joe biden and the panel to come up with legislation proposals for gun safety and he expects the full report from the vice pres
president spoke to the nra, is any progress being made? >> reporter: when you look at the nra they accused biden in their statement of attacking the second amendment. there is not much common ground between the nra and the administration. today in the video game issue representatives of the video game industry will be here after last night we members of the entertainment industry. there are a lot of people who pointed the finger at violence on tv, in movies, in video games and saying there is a link even that and violence in the real world. something the entertainment industry has denied and they have studies to back it up. at this point in time its one of the many things being looked at by the vice president. he said yesterday that he will deliver his recommendations on how best to stem gun violence to the president by next tuesday. i think the administration knows that they can't wait until the end of the month. they have to get moving on this to try to have any chance of getting changes through the congress. there will be people who may be change their minds on a few things but the seco
the president ask congress to have the background checks. the nra and others have expressed nonsupport of the ban. >>> the nra is >>> more than 100 people turned out for a meeting in connecticut to decide the fate of sandy hook elementary. many are saying they don't believe classes should be held in the school where the shootings happened last month. >> my kids went there and we have great memories but i have friends with lost children and i am empathetic to them as well. >> the officials have reached out to the officials at columbine high school. >>> the journal news printed the names and addresses of gun holders living near new york city. the editors are saying they have sent a message and will continue to coverage the topic. >>> overnight, one woman was taken to the hospital after what is possibly a dui accident. the woman was taken to the hospital after the accident on 880. a c altran worker saw the accident and called for help. the driver was taken into custody for suspicion of dui. >>> a possible hit and run accident this morning happened around highway 4. the red van landed on i
clips. that's a move the nra has vowed to fight in congress. reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 8:14. one month after the newtown, connecticut school shooting people are talking about what should be done at sandy hook elementary. there were differing opinions about whether the students and staff should ever go back to the building where a gunman killed 20 first-graders and six teachers. some say the school should be torn down and replaced with a memorial honoring the victims killed december 14th. >>> meantime, the san francisco unified school district is planning campus trims to prepare for a possible -- drills to prepare for a possible school shooting. also, in a few months, digital floor plans of all city schools will be sent to the police department. no date has been set for the campus drills. >>> it sparked outrage after a rape case in independent na. and then it happened -- india. and then it happened again. bus say the bus driver refused to stop at her village and the men took turns raping her. a 7th suspect remains on the loose. >>> more tha
congress. now the message the nra is delivering at that gun violence hearing this morning. >>> and chevron may not be done paying up after last summer's explosion. who else is planning on fighting the company. >>> a lot of sunshine. temperatures beginning to recover during this 8:00 hour. looking outside just buhl over the bey, there's the golden gate bridge -- bridge. temperatures back up to the upper 50s and low 60s. >>> severe weather in the south this is springfield, missouri. heavy rain causing flooding. at least one death is reported blamed on the storm. right now several southern states are under tornado warnings. >>> happening right now, a u.s. senate panel is hearing testimony on gun violence. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords gave her dramatic opening statement. >> reporter: she spoke only briefly and others continued testifying this hour. we're taking a live look at the hearing on capitol hill. it started about an hour ago, when gabby giffords testified and moved some to tears when she spoke. >> violence is a big
the nra setting up a tent here. beyond that you can see vendors and members of the public lined up to get inside. the doors open shortly. i want to show you what the scene looked like yesterday as hundreds checked out the gun and ammunition. organizers believe gun enthusiast are more than motivated to buy. they are worried about increased gun control measures being put into place. following last months school massacre. later on this week the vice president will release a series of recommendations to reduce gun violence including universal background checks and a ban on high capacity magazines. the organizer here didn't realize how much of an impact new gun control proposals would have. >> we knew it would be busy but we had no idea that we'd have the kind of crowds that we have. people are turning out in record numbers. we will probably have 300% of our best crowd ever. >> reporter: and some gun enthusiast tell me they are worried as well lawmakers limiting ammunition sales. just this past week nancy skinner announced a new bill aimed at regulating a sale in california. among others ab-48
for bans on some weapons but the nra says it will not pass. >>> the public safety committee tomorrow will fee demonstrations of firearms that are illegal here in california. lawmakers will also hear testimony from police, by researchers, advocates working against gun violence and also gun rights groups. >>> it is 8:15. in just over three hours, we'll hear from the senators who say they have the solution to fight immigration. kyla campbell is live in washington, d.c. where democrats and republicans are unveiling their four-step plan. >> reporter: in a series of events this week implies immigration reform could be the first big legislate chive action of the new year. a quick synopsis come out today. they want reform to boost our economy. they plan to punish employers who hire illegal imment grass. senators want -- immigrants. senators want americans to have first dibs on jobs. democrats and republicans involved believe they will have enough support to pass this legislation and it's in both parties' interest to do so. democrats need to follow through on promises they made to the latinos
clip. he was interviewing the head of the nra at the time. washington dc prosecutors said the display broke the law but that prosecuting him wouldn't promote public safety. >>> troop also soon have a different role in afghanistan. >> american forces will be no longer present in villages but the task will be that of the afghanistan forces to provide for that security and protection. >> and nowhere do we are --. >> the afghanistan president went to the white house yesterday and he announced an agreement with the president, according to that new deal starting in strange the mission of americans will be to advise and assist. >> the reason we went to war in the first place is with in reach. assuring al-qaeda can't use afghanistan to launch attacks against america. >> in this weekly address he discussed how he will end the war in afghanistan in the coming months he will announce the next part of the united states troop draw down and most if not all of american forces should be out by december of 2014. more than 2,000 americans have died in the afghanistan war. >> temperatures across c
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